Looking down from high atop Shanghai Landmark Center's 147-meter tall twin towers, one can take in
an unobstructed view of the entire river. The elegance of the Bund's historic architecture
stands in comfortable contrast with the contemporary dynamics of Lujiazui's modern buildings.
Right here beneath one's feet, one can view whole of Shanghai, out as far as the eye can see.

Witness the birth of a legend. Embrace a tribute to a classical era. Shanghai Landmark Center is a magnificent office/commercial complex boasting panoramic views, with its twin towers soaring to 147 meters. Shanghai Landmark Center offers a premium business experience for the world’s top corporations with 118,000 square meters of superior quality office space and a 72,000-square-meter lifestyle shopping center.

Shanghai Postal Museum,
the Broadway Mansions Hotel, the New Asia Hotel,
the Garden Bridge-landmark after landmark,
embodying the soul of the city.
These buildings bear witness to Shanghai’s century
of change while accruing the enduring grace of urban culture.
Shanghai Landmark Center is honored to
continue this historical tradition.

  • The Broadway Mansions
  • Shanghai Postal Museum
  • The New Asia Hotel

Shanghai Landmark Center gazes out at Lujiazui across the river, neighbors the historical Bund zone to the south, and adjoins the North Bund International Shipping Center to the north. The Center is at the birthplace of Shanghai's prosperity; and is ideally located for companies seeking to take advantage of the business opportunities radiating out from these three CBD cores.

Close at hand on the peripheries of The Shanghai Landmark Center are five-star international hotels,
including the Bulgari Hotel, the Bellagio Hotel, and the Peninsula Hotel.
This collection of quality hotels provides deluxe business hospitality.

Peninsula Hotel

Bulgari Hotel

Bellagio Hotel

Shanghai Landmark Center occupies a prime venue in the heart of the city—a stone's city throw from Metro Lines 10 and 12 at Tiantong Road Station; and is close to multiple city tunnels, so that all major core CBDs are on its doorstep.

A five-minute walk to the Bund via
the Sichuan Road Bridge,
Zhapu Road Bridge, and the Garden Bridge.

Immediately adjacent to the intersection of
Lines 10 and 12 at Tiantong Road Station
connecting to all major core CBDs.

The Bund Tunnel leads directly to the
center of Puxi. The Xinjian Road Tunnel leads directly to the Lujiazui Financial District.

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Looking down from high atop Shanghai Landmark Center's 147-meter tall twin towers, one can take in an unobstructed view of the entire river. The elegance of the Bund's historic architecture stands in comfortable contrast with the modern elegance of Lujiazui's buildings. Right here, beneath one's feet, is the whole of Shanghai encapsulated, sprawling out as far as the eye can see.
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Shanghai Landmark Center's lifestyle shopping mall assembles an array of luxury goods, the latest fashion trends, and global delicacies. To the business people who work at Shanghai Landmark Center, this means wall-to-wall convenience; and a shopping, eating, and recreational experience teeming with wonders and abounding with delights.

Shanghai Landmark Center is another masterpiece by the world-renowned Aedas design firm. The inspiring design combines ingenious, clean lines with classical Chinese window pane construction. The dual emphasis on science and aesthetics, as the fusion of the contemporary with the classical, are at once a tributee to the time-honored and a nod towards the future.

  • Shanghai Landmark Center enjoys a prime location with excellent views towards the Northern Bund and Huangpu River. The site is surrounded by low-rise residential blocks and a number of historic buildings, forming a unique urban fabric. The new complex creates a synergy for the commercial hub and the neighbourhood and connects the old and new of Shanghai city.
  • The clean-lined, rectangular form goes well with the urban fabric whilst the twin tower symbolically signifies the gateway to the Hongkou district. The contemporary architecture with a sense of humble, oriental touch and overtone serves as a large visual that accentuates the city’s unique history and identity, creating a landmark enjoying the signature Shanghai skyline along the Suzhou Creek.
  • Inspired by the traditional Chinese windows from the nearby old buildings, the facade design interprets the oriental element in a contemporary language and creates an impressive motif, setting the tone and identity of the development. The signature oriental motif extends to the retail blocks, not only serving as an ornamental screen on the facade but also adding interesting, animated light patterns on the inner layer.
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  • The lobby, with ceilings nearly nine meters high,
    is sumptuously appointed to evoke both a noble air
    and a high-end business atmosphere.

  • 2,430-2,500 square meters of pillar-free space on
    standard floors are neatly laid out to allow
    maximum apsce usage.

  • Standard floors have a three-meter height
    clearance, exceeding the international
    Class-A standard.

Schindler 7,000 high-speed elevators and the PORT floor pre-selection system
shortens waiting time and showcases the best in elevator transport capabilities;

A smart guest management system provides enhances security for businesses;

A smart temperature control and fresh air system cleans and renews the air while
realizing significant energy savings;

1,013 parking spaces and a smart parking management system.

Shopping Mall
Main Entrance
Wuchang Road
Parking Entrance
Zhapu Road
Parking Entrance
Tiantong Road
Parking Entrance

Shenzhen Kumagai Property Management Company Limited (“Kumagai”), established in 1995, is one of the most successful property management companies in Shenzhen and strives to provide high-quality property management services. In 1998, it was qualified as the Grade A Property Management Enterprise in Shenzhen, and was further upgraded to National First-class Qualification in Property Management in 2004. As a market pioneer, Kumagai has been awarded internationally recognized quality certificates including ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

Kumagai, registered capital at HKD60 million and backed by HKC (Holdings) Ltd, has built a professional team and gained invaluable management experience in super high-rise Grade A offices, key commercial complexes, high-end residential villas with management portfolio exceeding 2 million square metres, including Shanghai Landmark Centre, Shenzhen Shun Hing Square Di Wang Commercial Centre, Shenzhen South Ocean Centre, Nanxun International Building Materials Market, Jiangmen Eka Garden and Shenyang Eka Garden.

Kumagai has always upheld a high standard of property management services and strives to create the best value for all its stakeholders. Its team members of about 500 employees are expected to grow under an expanding portfolio.

  • Architect

  • Elevator supplier

  • Design institute

  • Universal lighting consultant

  • Main contractor

  • Signage consultant

  • Interior design consultant

  • Office joint sole leasing agent

  • Landscape design consultant

  • Property management consultant

  • Curtain wall consultant

  • Property management

  • M&E consultant

  • Advertising consultant

  • Total GFA: 248,000 ㎡
  • Area of the office building: 118,000 ㎡
  • Area of the shopping mall: 72,000 ㎡
  • Height of the building: 147m
  • Floors of offices: 5F - 32F
  • Floors of the shopping mall:LG2 - 4F
  • Standard floor area: 2,430-2,500 ㎡
  • Net ceiling height:3m
  • Raised floor:150mm
  • Office passenger elevators: 13 serving low&high zone
  • Air-conditioning system: VAV system
  • Security system: 24-7 real time HD monitoring
  • Parking lots: 1,013parking lots

No. 328, Tiantong Road,Shanghai
No. 88, North Sichuan Road, Shanghai

Leasing Hotline:

Shanghai Guangtian Real Estate Co., Ltd.